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The First Story Ever Told

by Patrick Wiley


This is the tale of the first story ever told. Hatk returned to his mates and children and looked upon them as he did in days before. He looked upon the hunger in their eyes . He could not remain silent this time and so without thinking told the first story.


"Hunted I today. Tracked I the deer, boar and elk. Threw the spear mine, did not hit. Fled the deer into woods. I return to you the mates mine, the children mine, nothing I have. Tomorrow hunt I again, tomorrow I track the deer, boar and elk. Tomorrow I bring one back. If not we shall die."


Hatk's story would be fiction. The next day he would die in his hunt, gored by the antler's of a great deer. His children would starve and his mates would seek other men to bring them food. The first story ever told would be forgotten. It would not be painted on a cave wall,  pounded into stone slabs nor written on parchment. No paintings frescas or sculptures would depict the failed hunt. Literary critics would not rant about it's grand historical significance. No later writers would be inspired by its innovations and make derivative works. No musical version would appear on Broadway and it would not be adapted into a multi-million dollar blockbuster staring Liam Neeson as Hatk. 


The story would accomplish one thing. For a few moments it would bring sound instead of silence, hope instead of despair. That is the tale of the first story ever told.

2012-12-02 13:21:19
Great conclusion. Didn't need anymore story to be happy sad. Except maybe knowing it was winter. Men did not provide the only food. Whatever...congrats on originality of thought

2012-11-28 12:27:02
micheledutcher - I liked that the author didn't make the guy telling the story be immortalized in stone or whatever. This is a very short story but a good one, hope instead of despair is an acceptable goal indeed.

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