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Time Wars & other SciFi Tales

by Gordon Rowlinson

The Midnight Slasher Creep

by Gordon Rowlinson

"I'm just like a leopard,” the Midnight Slasher thought as he hid in the squalid alley shadows and leaned against the grimy dumpster. “I'm invisible because I hunt at night. I'm much more intelligent than my helpless prey and I wait until the time is just right to strike.” There was a chill in the October night air and a light fog hung in the air. The full moon shone like a mocking, malevolent Jack-O-Lantern. He smiled. Tonight was going to be a good night.

The sounds of shuffling shoes on the pavement signaled someone was coming. Silently he pulled out his darkened blade military knife and quickly glanced out of the alley. He saw an elderly lady slowly hobbling down the poorly-lit, seedy street. Sam preferred locations near colleges as those locales had plenty of young women. The young college chicks were usually interested in the city's night life and many were bold enough and stupid enough to walk alone late at night. The young ones were also more fun to scare. Six months ago in the Bronx, he was able to rape a young woman before knifing her and taking her purse. Tonight it was a frail old lady. No matter. The old fools were slower and easier prey. He needed some quick bread and some fun. He'd just as soon as mug and knife the little old lady.

He knew the world, in a primal sense, consisted of hunters and prey. He chose to be a hunter and prided himself with the planning of his crimes. He moved around the New York City area and never hit in the same location. That threw off the dumb cops. Last month, the New York newspapers called him the 'Midnight Slasher'. He was proud of that low-life label, but is showed that the publicity from the media had grown too big. Things were getting too hot. After this kill, he figured it was time to move to another big sleazy city and start all over again.

The Slasher waited for his exact moment until she was parallel to the alley. Like a cat, he struck from the shadows and grabbed her by her shabby black coat. In a split second, he roughly pulled the old lady into the dark alley. He ripped her purse free with efficient movements born from practice. His right hand moved to plunge the large blade into her liver when an icy, boney hand grabbed the Slasher's arm in a vise-like grip. He twisted, but the elderly woman’s other hand knocked the blade from his hand. The military knife made a clanging noise as it fell to the slimy pavement. Struggling to get out of her grip, he found himself pushed up against the alley wall.

I knew I'd find someone dumb enough to be out late at night,” the old lady rasped. “I bet you were looking for one of those stupid, drunk college students like I was. Your blood will rejuvenate me and make me as young as those college girls you like to scare with your little knife.” Her disgusting breath smelled like rotting meat. The Slasher struggled, but, somehow the crazy old biddy had twice his strength.

The old lady snarled as she opened her mouth wide, revealing large fangs. As the old vampire sunk her incisor teeth into his neck and began to drain his blood, he realized, with horror, that he was getting weaker and she seemed to be getting stronger. Just before his consciousness slipped away, a horrible realization crept into the Midnight Slasher's sick, warped mind. All along, the little old lady had been the hunter and he was the merely the helpless prey.

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Books by Quantum Muse contributors and friends.
Time Wars & other SciFi Tales

by Gordon Rowlinson

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