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Books by Quantum Muse contributors and friends.
Quantum Musings

by Raymond Coulombe, Michael Gallant, Timothy O. Goyette

by Timothy O. Goyette

The Tower

by Timothy O. Goyette

April reached for the spy glass.  It had been years since she had thought to use it.  It seemed to have some magical property that drew her to it when something approached.  

Grasping it, she did not lift it immediately wondering if it were worth the effort.  With a sigh, she carried it to the balcony and looked out over the dry scorched earth surrounding her tower.  On all sides mountains loomed up.  

After scanning the surroundings for several minutes, she saw it.  A small dust cloud rose from the plain some miles away.  

Bringing up the spy glass she focused in on a knight, trotting in on a white horse.  He was too far away to make out his features, but she imagined him to be handsome and strong, brave and true.  

Lowering the glass she turned and started straightening up the room, making the bed, putting books back on their shelves, and quickly sweeping the floor.  

Turning to the magical tray that provided food and drink she ordered up some fruits, cheese, bread and wine.  He would be tired and need refreshment.  Once everything seemed perfect she sat and ate a few grapes while waiting.

After what seemed like hours the door to her tower room burst open and in strode a tall, bemuscled man with bright blue eyes and soft wavy brown hair.  His sword was brandished before him and his eyes darting about the room.

April stood.  “Welcome,” she said.

“Where is it?” he hissed.

“Where is what?” she responded with a sigh, hoping it wasn’t what she knew he must be talking about.

“The beast, the demon, the,” he stammered.  After a moment he seemed to get his words back.  “That which keeps you trapped in this tower.  I must vanquish it and free you from its evil hold.”  

He continued to search the room with his eyes and then spun about quickly to face something that might have crept up behind him.  Nothing was there.

April cleared her throat and the knight turned to face her.

“No, sorry, only me.”  She gestured to the table.  “Please come and refresh yourself.”

He looked at the tray of food and then at April again.  “So, um, there’s no dragon?”

“No dragon.”

His shoulders seemed to droop.  “No troll or witch?”

She shook her head.

“Not even a crazed wood cutter.”

“Sorry, fresh out.”

She gestured to the tray again.  “Now, please come, eat and drink.  You must be famished.”

Straightening himself up he said, “No, I have come to rescue you.  Come with me now and I’ll take you away from this, to live in my castle, to be princess and eventually queen of all Elder Branch.”

“Well,” she said tentatively.  “I was thinking that maybe you’d want to stay here with me?”

“I’m sorry, what?” he asked his face all screwed up.

“You see this is my home.  It’s nice comfortable and safe.”  She stepped closer. 
And with love’s first kiss we can be safe here for ever. She smiled and stretched out her arms.

“Here?” he asked looking around the room again.  

“Look, no monsters or beasts ever come here; it will be a safe environment to raise our children.”

“But, I, well, you know,” he stammered again.  “I'm a knight.  I must go off to right wrongs, to vanquish evil and kill monsters.”

“What,” she raised her voice, “and I’m to sit at home wondering if you’re lying dead in some foreign land, or that you’ll come home horribly maimed, and I’ll nurse you for the rest of your days.  No, thanks.”

April walked up to him and took his hand.  “Please stay here with me.”  Again she smiled and batted her eyes for effect.

He drew back, eyes open wide.  Bringing up his sword, he thrust it between the two of them placing the tip at the nape of her neck.  “Back you evil siren!” he yelled.  “You will not lure me into your trap.”

With that he ran from the room.  

From the balcony she watched as the dust cloud disappeared into the distance.  Using a small chisel she scraped a sixth mark on the railing.  “Men,” she said shaking her head.

2011-07-06 12:35:56
Sidewinder4 - People do have their own agendas. Having it said this way is good-funny. Sidewinder4

2011-07-05 20:03:47
That was amusing... and unfortunately the reaction some guys really do have to settling down. Thanks!

2011-07-05 12:59:35
Ironspider - Great fun.

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Books by Quantum Muse contributors and friends.
Quantum Musings

by Raymond Coulombe, Michael Gallant, Timothy O. Goyette

by Timothy O. Goyette

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