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by Jessica Baumgartner

I was born blind, deaf, and dumb but I could feel everything. From my very first memories I was able to sense an approaching creature and feel the warmth of my surroundings, but my limited form never allowed me to move very far. One may think that such a life would be dull but as I grew I was able to sense others around me who were the same.

We could feel each other’s doubt and worry, and though I never saw or heard my friends; I knew that I must be in a safe place because we were taken care of. The air was always warm and fresh rain poured from above abundantly so we were never without nourishment. Those were the days before any of us could imagine the horrors that would befall our simple dependant life.

I never knew where I came from or how I got where I was, but none of that mattered. Each day, when I found myself aware of my surroundings, I would be embraced with a sense of welcome as my friends touched me with their thoughts. We would absorb the humid wet air and soak up the rich nutrients that somehow surrounded our very being.  

Most other creatures avoided us but there were these great giants who shielded us and allowed our homes to lie with them. This arrangement proved very prosperous and time passed quickly as my friends and I had all that we needed; how foolish we were. No one ever forgets the first time an intruder invades their home.

It was a typical day; we were enjoying the fresh clean air when something suddenly changed. I could sense the presence of an unknown creature stomping closer and closer. I even felt a deep pounding pulsating from the beast as it excreted large amounts of carbon into the clean fresh air. The pounding was constant and rhythmic, but the being that it came from seemed angry and hopeless. The distress of the creature seeped from its aura.

I was overwhelmed with fear as the creature was now within my group of friends and before any of us knew what had happened, the monster snapped one of my friends in two as if it were nothing. The wave of pain and despair blew through all of us as we sat hopeless. My fragile body was wrenched with agony as I could sense the last bit of my friend’s life force being swallowed by whatever creature entered our home.

But then the being seemed to grow sick, I felt for the others to understand what was happening for we had never experienced such feelings in all our life. The beast radiated pain, such pain that it engulfed me and everyone near it. It felt as if the whole world had turned to acid and everything was burning and suffocation. The struggle seemed to go on forever, and just as I thought my own life source really was fading, the beast fell upon my home crushing several more of my friends.

It is a strange sense to feel sorry for the monster that caused you so much pain but I did. Sending my confused thoughts throughout the group, none of us knew what to do or how to feel. It wasn’t long before more of these hopeless monsters were moving about my home, they didn’t seem at all upset over finding one of their own dead. The lifeless being was moved and the creatures continued to stomp around my family. One by one we were crushed and destroyed, as the air became tense.

As each life force was destroyed I became more aware of my surroundings, the giants were dying a frightfully painful death at the hands of these unfeeling creatures. Their fate was much worse than my own, split open and left to nothing but a stump to be burned. Why I was not killed yet I did not know, but somehow the chunk of dirt that I held onto was flung away as the earth shook with the death that was created. When the atmosphere finally settled I was alone, my home altered forever.

The hot humid rainforest whose giants shielded me from the upper world and gave me the perfect moist ground to grow on was destroyed. The few beings that did survive are not of my kind. Being born blind, deaf, and dumb, I was not without feeling; for I can sense many things around me. With my friends and the giants all gone I was left clueless as to the details of what happened but felt the devastation.

The only thing I could gather from those horrid monsters was their feelings of accomplishment that sullied the air around me. It seemed that the being that had died from eating my friend had purposely eaten what they called a poisonous mushroom. Apparently one of the creatures had a conscience and had no other option but to feed his family by killing my home or leave this existence.

His group hid their pain with thoughts of what the cleared land would bring to them. Apparently my friends, the giants, and everything that depended on this lively area were just in their way. Why I was spared I do not know, but since then the air has grown dry, the ground is breaking up, and I am at this very moment fading. Everything around me is destruction and all I can feel is the growing pain that continues to spread throughout the areas around me.

2014-04-18 09:27:24
micheledutcher - This is a different kind of sci-fi story, and even beyond a Mother Earth story. Good perspective on the destruction of a patch of forest.

2014-04-17 19:37:38

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