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The Power Line and the Tree

by Jessica Baumgartner

The autumn air is crisp and fresh, the sky a rich blue that looks of sapphires. And if you glance to the trees that boarder and main road, you may see this very melancholy battle before you.

An old oak, whose years tell of trials and persistence, grows tall and green, heavy with acorns that fall to feed many wild critters. Its trunk has faded and its roots stick above the ground as the pavement blocks much of the rainwater from nourishing the great giant. “Mother Nature gave me life, and I will find a way to live no matter what.” The tree seems to say.

But its branches have grown so far and long that they become entangled with the straight and sharp power lines that run to feed the needs of human beings; everyday people who mean no harm and just want to live like the rest of the beings on this planet. This heavy, electric charged, wire runs tight and far clinging from pole to pole to do its job despite strong storms, heavy blowing winds, and curious wildlife looking for a bite. It too has a purpose and a spirit like force that announces, “Here I am to do my duty. Do not get in my way or you may feel sorry, as I cannot stop my energies.

The mighty oak in all its greatness will not yield and feels the full force of the power line as the two opposite creations battle against their wills. But winter is coming and the people have seen this scene above. A man trained and protected climbs to the oak and cuts away some of the grand tree’s treasured branches.

The power line wishes it can zap the man as he accosts such a worthy adversary but cannot controll the electric currents pulsing within. The heavy limbs fall with a crash, but instead of wasting away, the sturdy brown oak feels relief and continues its existence while the straight, strong, black power line awaits their next encounter in the seasons to come of this never ending battle. 


2014-05-19 19:21:09
In a manner of speaking the same could be said for the growing suburban sprawl and the concomitant loss of land for all the critters. The difference being, the critters will not win against steel and petrol. I see this every day and it makes me sad. Then too, you might want to read a zen story on uselessness and a tree.

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