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Bíonn tú Glas

by Edward Sullivan

by Ed Sullivan

The little bearded man sat looking at his queen. He was eating the mint chocolate chip ice cream she had bought him at the nearby stand. She was shelling and eating pistachios. They sat by the shore of Lake Michigan. He liked this little park in Howard, Wisconsin especially. It was about twenty minutes north of her current base of operations. The dragon, only they could see, swam lazily back and forth in the lake cutting through the lake algae. The little man had a high pitched voice.

"You know your highness I am envious that you do not suffer from this malady as I do."

"Seamus, every time you get depressed I find you in that horrible bar in Ann Arbor. It is just dreadful you laying there in that state dressed like a blueberry!"

She was the picture of tranquility sitting there absentmindedly looking at a caterpillar crawl on the hem of her emerald gown. She looked up at him with eyes the color of sea foam. He knew what she would say next before she said it.

"I am going to leave some sprites here with you this time till you are feeling well again. You will like Kelly and Olive. They will get you back on your feet again."

"Thank you, your highness."

He looked over her shoulder at the two young women sitting in the clover eating watermelon. The smaller one was rolling a tennis ball under the heel of her sneaker. The taller girl was looking at a frog hop by them off to their left.

The queen picked up a hand full of moss and squeezed it till her hand closed fully. When she opened it she held a jade amulet shaped like a grasshopper. She leaned forward and reached out to Seamus.

"I want you to take this and hold it when you need to speak with me. You should use it whenever you need to. I know you are the last of your kind Seamus. I will not tell you that it will be easy to recover. That man tricked you and has your gold. You will have to learn to deal with that. It is imperative that you understand that I need you to live through this."

"Your majesty... I am not sure I can! It was such an important part of me."

"I have arranged for you to stay at a room I keep at Peridot Gardens downtown. Go there and get your head straight. You are an important part of my organization. Additionally please change your clothes. It is disconcerting to see you dressed in those aqua tones. The girls have a garment bag and hat box in their possession which has a suit and hat of the proper color."

He stood and walked towards the young ladies. They got up and walked on either side of him towards the small copse of pine trees that separated the lake from the parking area.

The queen looked sad. She picked a shamrock and twirled it between her fingers. If she lost the last one of any of her people it would be the beginning of the end. That was her biggest fear; she might really be in a pickle this time.

The End




2014-11-20 13:08:18
micheledutcher - I enjoy your world of the fantastic, but I was a little disappointed in the last sentence. The set-up was great and the first line pulled you in. Overall, interesting story for a flash.

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