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A Prickly Situation

by Edward Sullivan


Bart Starbanger had infiltrated the Evil Counts lair during his eightieth birthday extravaganza. The Count had the last specimens of many of the galaxy’s best flora and fauna. The nutritional value of the Darbling Cactus Fruit made it next to priceless on the terraforming market. The unfortunate turn of events which led to Count Von YumYum having the only viable samples in the galaxy were best left undiscussed. 
Bart had worked around the laser fence. He avoided the Martunian Death hounds which patrolled the perimeter. The guards stationed on the look out towers never had a chance of detecting him. He infiltrated the party and waited for his opportunity to slip away. He found the greenhouse and secured the specimen that would make him not only rich but a galactic hero. Now he just had to get out of this mansion.
Bart slipped back into the party unnoticed. He just had to make his way to the entrance and make some excuse to step outside for some air. He could hot-wire someone’s grav speeder and be gone before anyone knew any better. He saw his chance when the band came back to the stage. Folks would get up to dance and one more moving body could blend in. The band began tuning up and everyone headed towards the dance floor. He made a direct march for the front door which took him right across the dance floor. He made it half way then felt a hand on his elbow.
“Leaving so soon handsome? I haven’t even gotten a dance out of you!”
It was Titon Moundova the Count’s secretary and assassin/problem solver. This was bad! He saw the Count nod at her across the room and she pulled him into an embrace. She threw her hand into the air and leaned her head back.
“Maestro play the Hertulvian Rhumba!”
He began to sweat. This was bad. He had to keep his focus. The mission could still be accomplished.
“May I have this dance Monsieur Starbanger? Or are you in a rush? The Count doesn’t like it when his guest leave prematurely but surely I can vouch for you if you would do me this one favor and dance with me.”
“Of course Madame Moundova.” He began to sweat. He was on the brink of escape or capture and the next few moments would determine his fate. Only his extensive training and self control stood between him and freedom.
The band began the foreign rhumba slowly with passion. She leaned into him for the beginning and caressed his body from knees to chest. She leaned into him as he leaned back letting her lead till the first crescendo. He was familiar with almost all dances for many social situations. The two of them would be quite familiar by the end of this kinetic exchange of space.
The beat grew in intensity moment by moment. They both spun and flipped as they separated only to come back together to grind out the back beats.Each time they came together she probe his body like she had paid to do it. The bystanders in the crowd would have seen it as an exchange of intimacy and passion. He knew it for what it was she was looking for the fruit. He had to focus on his mission which meant distracting himself from her search. He returned the favor by probing her body and gripping her at times like her rear was a stress toy on his office desk. It took only minutes and each partner could have given accurate measurements for the other to any tailor within a centimeter.
“Well my darling Bart, this song seems to be coming to its end. I was sure I had caught you with your hand in the honeypot. Oh Well, it was enjoyable none the less!”
“I hope we can do it again sometime Titon!”
He kissed her deeply and left her breathless on the dance floor. He walked with a spring in his step to the front door. A high speed hover bike pulled up just as he exited. It was his local liaison Sally Tindalions. She opened the front of her helmet and looked up at him.
“Bart you are late. Jump on.”
“Hello Sally. Thanks for the ride.”
He climbed on the bike and the sped off. They were in the clear.
“Did they catch you? Do you have the Darbling Cactus Fruit? We were monitoring your button camera. She searched you head to toe. She must have found the fruit. How did you get away?”
“Sally lets just say all is well that ends well! Please mind the bumps on the way home! I shall take you for a drink to celebrate just don’t ask me to dance!”
The End


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Books by Quantum Muse contributors and friends.
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Harris Tobias
The Greer Agency

Harris Tobias

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