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Out of Nowhere by Patrick LeClerc.
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The Generation Game

by Patricia Todd

The Generation Game

by Crystal

“Oh c’mon you had two pairs last time we played...” Zac moaned and was swiftly retorted by his sister: “Yeah and I won with sheer skill and tenacity.” Their mother interjected trying to head off full scale war : “ You know it’s a game of chance and you have to accept what the cards offer you ... there’s always opportunity and there’s always disaster to overcome. We’ve been playing this game since my great grandmother’s time and who knows perhaps for generations before. Just accept the rules and abide by them.” 

They glowered at each other in silence and squared up to each other over the table. Zac placed his hand on the pile of cards which instantly glowed, changing colour from pale gold to a searing red. At that instant Zac swiftly withdrew the top card and placed it on the card holder along with the others, also glowing in varying hues. He smiled inwardly, this time he’d show her. He’d drawn a fate card and could impart some of his thoughts and strategies into the Scene. He waited until the swirl of ether between them became calm, waiting for his turn. “OK, sixteenth Century. I want King Henry to get married for the 6th time ... that should teach her ... a sixth pairing.”

Arla watched the Scene carefully as the mists withdrew and there became visible two people standing opposite each other in their finest robes in a stone church with vaulted arched ceilings and Latin incantations being intoned by the Priest. The man was dressed in cloth and fur with a wide brimmed hat and the lady was clad in finest silk embroidered with sparkling jewels. She conceded that her brother did have a way with the detail of the Scene.

Her hand hovered over her own card holder and as she waved from left to right deciding on her choices, one card glowed more brightly than he others in a sapphire blue aura. She picked this card up and announced : ” End of era card ! You can’t continue with the pairings. You’ll just have to start again with another character, if the Scene will let you.”

Zac was feisty : “ I challenge you to better my six pairings ! “      

Arla, a little ruffled, reached out her hand to the pile of cards and again waited until the top card glowed from gold to red to indicate that the Scene was preparing to accept her mental commands. “This time I pick the shrouded time of Gods. The king of gods is Zeus and has just seduced a mortal appearing as a shower of gold ... a pairing,  times without number !”

“Their progeny is Perseus and I will set a constellation in the night sky named after him and to show that I’m the greatest Scene player in our generation”....the Scene changed revealing an inky void where several pinpoints of glittering light swirled in a spiral and then separated and formed an asymmetrical v shape. Arla laughed out loud and Zac stomped off from the Scene room. He’d lost again.  


He went into the play room which had built up quite an eclectic menagerie of toys over the years. He picked up some wooden soldiers and threw them onto the floor, kicking his way through some games and puzzles. Then he came upon a boat and this object, in a flash, became the focus of his rapt attention. He smiled inwardly as he saw a chance of beating his sister. 

Triumphant he marched back into the Scene room, sat down at the table and squared up to his sister once more.

“Want some more, Zac ?” Arla mocked.

“If you like, Arla,”  Zac responded, not giving even a hint of his thoughts away.

His hand stretched out over the cards, hovering there, anticipating the next card.

The colours changed and Zac took the topmost card from the pile and placed it on the holder along with the others.

“ Beginning of era card,” he announced. He could barely contain his excitement.

“This is the time of the great flood and a man named Noah has built a ship.”

The Scene between the two transformed from swirling mists to reveal a heaving, darkened  sea with a wooden boat tossing in the waves. A dove suddenly appeared and came to rest on a porthole. A man in cloth robes stretched out his hand and took the twig the bird had been carrying in its beak. The man smiled and announced to his wife that their journey was about to come to an end.

Zac looked at Arla, his eyes gleaming: “ This is the beginning of an epoch and each animal shall have its partner, they shall come in two by two and inhabit the Earth. “

                                                                                                         “ The ultimate pairing ! ”


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Books by Quantum Muse contributors and friends.
Transdimensional Blues

Raymond Coulombe
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