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Click, Like, Share

by Jessica Baumgartner

“You’ve gotta see this,” Selma swivels around in her office chair to face coworker Heather.   


“Good, anything to pass the time. I hate slow days like this.”


“Me too,” She laughs.


Heather clicks on the link and smiles. “Aww, those puppies are so cute.” She watches as a litter of young chocolate labs go swimming for the first time and can’t help but gush over the adorable animals. She pulls up her facebook account and posts the video. “Definitely sharing this.”




Over the course of the next week the video is watched around the globe. “People just can’t seem to get enough of these furry little swimmers,” the latest evening news newbie reports.


Heather smiles at the report happy to hear that not all the news is bad. She flips open her laptop to check play online, and the sounds from the TV dull into background noise. Unable to contain herself, she watches the video one more time.


As soon as it finishes, her computer goes black, the lights go out, and the television is silenced.


She reaches for her cell phone to call her boyfriend, but it’s also dead. “That’s strange.”


Left in the dark for days, her job is useless without internet access. The shouts of anxious people outside scare her, and she bunkers down for a while.




Paranoia takes hold until a familiar thud hits her door Sunday morning. Slowly creeping to the door she looks through the peep hole and sighs. Are the newspapers still running? She takes a breath and opens the front door just a sliver to survey the scene. The street in front of her is jammed with honking cars, but the paper lays still.


She grabs the bundle and pulls it inside quick. And to think everyone said I was crazy to keep paying for print. She unrolls the newly delivered paper once locked inside her home again.


Reading the headline she gasps. “Terrorists use Encrypted Cyber Bomb Disguised as Cute Puppy Video to Distract from E.M.P.”


2015-08-16 17:10:36
r.tornello - Excellent!!!!

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Books by Quantum Muse contributors and friends.
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