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Blueshift Redshift

by Patricia Todd


The craft seemed to move towards us in an overreaching arc, smooth but very fast.

We wondered how long it would take to reach us and what manner of creature was inside.

We’d prepared ourselves for this one moment in time for countless generations. Always watching the heavens, with ever more sophisticated machinery and gadgets that our best minds could conjure up. And now we’d reached an alien life form, apparently, and they’d responded.

Had we done the right thing ? What kind of alien had intercepted our messages flung out into the void like a bottle with a piece of paper flung out into the tossing waves on our home planet ?

The craft had been doubling and redoubling its speed towards us and as such was now bathed in blue light. The Doppler effect when an object is moving towards the observer.

An eerie cold blue, heightening our senses and making hair stand up on the backs of our necks. The team in the observation room were intently gazing at the myriad monitors, constantly checking the gauges that determined the craft’s trajectory.     

No one spoke, the room was tangibly tense.

The craft bounced off the upper atmosphere, the envelope of gasses that protected our world and careened off into the inky void at the same speed that it was travelling at on entry into the exosphere.

The light on the monitors turned a vibrant red as the craft sped away from us.

A mixture of disappointment and relief was felt by everyone in that room.

Had we done the right thing in deploying our protective force field, right at the edge of space ? That defining moment when the alien craft could have entered our upper atmosphere and, assuming the materials the craft was composed of could withstand the heat, eventually landed on the Earth.

Had it not been for the lack of response when we tried to contact the craft on its imminent approach, things might have taken another course.

Friend or foe in any parlance, but silence was the deciding factor.

Perhaps we were right to send the ship hurtling off back into outer space and then perhaps if we wait another millennia we may be approached again and the craft will glow blue in an ever intense colour and will respond to our hails and we shall have made friends.  



The Commander of the ship that was fast approaching its destination was tense.

His crew were tense too. They had tried to communicate with the planets leaders by many methods but had received no response.

Eventually they decided on a Universal code, colour.

They shrouded their craft in blue light to signify that they were approaching fast and would require assistance on entering the planet’s atmosphere.

They were confident that their craft could withstand the searing heat as they explored many planets with and without intelligent life.

But this planet was different. They had received a constant stream of signals over a very long time and had categorised it as a distress signal.

As such it was their mission to identify where the signals had come from and to investigate and offer help if necessary.

The Commander spoke to his crew preparing them for the descent onto the planet’s surface.

Earth loomed large on their screens, a blue ball telling them that the planet was moving towards them too !

Time was running short, they would intercept soon and as yet they had had no communication from the planet.

Suddenly their monitors picked up a barrier to entry, some kind of shield which would be catastrophic if they tried to breach it.

They took immediate evasive action and, just skimming the outer perimeter of the field, they reversed at great speed.

The planet glowed red and redder still as they receded back into open space.


                                     Just as well, thought the Commander, red’s no colour for a welcome !  





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