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by Gordon Rowlinson

Heebie Jeebies Swamp Monster

by Gordon Rowlinson

“This old swamp road gives me the heebie jeebies,” said Sherry. “Of all the places for your car to break down.“ She and her tall companion Rob walked steadily down the dark dirt road in the direction of the interstate—occasionally stumbling on a rock that the moonlight did not illuminate. The thick swamp to their right was alive with the cacophony night sounds of the marsh toads, frogs, and crickets.       

“Hey, I think Heebie Jeebies was an old Louis Armstrong tune,” said Rob, changing the subject.

“I don't know about that,” said Sherry. Earlier in the evening, Sherry had met Rob at a loud nightclub. Rob seemed cute and fun, so she decided to leave her girlfriend at the club and go with him back to his place. Then his car broke down. Damn! She knew her husband got out of work at midnight and the idiot would be home around 1:00. She had to be back home before that or... 

“I thought you said you knew everything about New Orleans.”

“I hate the old New Orleans music,” said Sherry. But I've lived here all my life and I know a lot about Louisiana folklore. I've read a lot about the Louisiana swamps. There is an old Cajun story about a swamp monster. It's called a Rougarou. It's a kinda like a werewolf.” As she looked at the endless series of spooky-looking mossy trees alongside the road, she couldn't help wonder what might be lurking behind them. 

“Urban legend,” he said in an uninterested tone. “It means nothing.”

“Well, two years ago, there were several unsolved bloody murders near this swamp. That is real. It was rumored that the Rougarou did it.” Sherry looked at her watch. It was only 10:30. She still had time.


“I'm not sure what to believe,” she said. As they walked on, she estimated that they were about 1 to 2 miles to the main road. They were almost back to civilization. She began rethinking of this whole idea of running around behind her husband's back.   

“What is this Rougarou like?”

“It's a shape shifter that prowls the swamps in Southern Louisiana,” she said. “During the daytime, it has human form. By night, it still has a human body but with a wolf head.”

“Come on.” 

“Supposedly a Rougarou is under a spell for 101 days,” she said. “After the 101 days, the curse is transferred to another person after a Rougarou draws blood.”   

“No way.”

“That is what the Cajun legend says.”

“The 101 day curse part is a bunch of crap,” said Rob in a strange gurgling voice. “Ya got everything else right about a Rougarou.“

Sherry turned to Rob and took a step back in horror. To her astonishment, she saw her companion now had a man's body and a wolf's head.

“Do you still have the heebie jeebies?” the thing mocked.

She got off one big scream before the swamp monster ripped her to pieces.

2015-10-26 12:44:57
micheledutcher - The Rougarou is a great name for a monster. This is a fun piece because it doesn't take itself too seriously. You know someone is going to turn out to be a monster - but hey, it's October so BOO! I liked it!

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Books by Quantum Muse contributors and friends.
Time Wars & other SciFi Tales

by Gordon Rowlinson

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