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A strange discombobulation

by Garry Dean

A strange discombobulation

By Garry Dean



There I was cleaning dog crap off the sole of my shoe when the world ended, well the world we knew ended anyway. How innocently we had gone about our lives, firm in the belief that the sun would rise tomorrow, the planets stay in their courses and gravity would hold our feed to the ground. Little did we know about that other universe, so close to ours, yet forever separate. Sure there had been theories about the so called multi-verse but no evidence, no direct experience, until the moment the dog crap hit the fan. Apparently, although no one is quite sure, our particular bubble in space-time did the unthinkable and touched another. From my personal experience it was a bit like having way too much Vodka in a very short period of time.

The universe as we knew it was turned upside down and all the physical laws we had held so dear went out the window, along with the window. All things became possible, time and space became fluid, and I was suddenly aware of those other versions of me out there, a billion possible permutations of what reality could be. Confused?, weren't we all.

Then everything snapped back into place as though nothing had happened. A cosmic correction they called it. Of course everyone thought they had just had a unique personal experience, like an epiphany. Some thought they had suddenly gone mad, many did, others believed God had spoken to them and a few wondered if they had put too much curry in their Korma. It took a while for the news to spread, for people to realize that the same thing had happened to everyone. It had been a truly global event, in fact a universal one.

Glimpsing the ultimate state of reality can be a challenging thing for the human brain to handle, so much so, that about 20 percent of the population have permanently lost their noodle. The rest of us go about looking over our shoulders and glancing up once in a while to make sure the sun is still there. Everything seems fine now, almost back to normal, but I'm not so sure. I was flicking through the channels the other day when I came across a documentary about the assassination of JFK in 1963 – news to me. I seem to remember him dying of natural causes in 2002. Mind you everyone's memories seem a little scrambled these days. Even my dog has a strange look in his eye as though the bone he had buried turned up somewhere completely different.

At least the experts are saying this sort of thing is so astronomically rare that it can't possibly happen again. But of course there are other experts that say quite the opposite. They believe the meeting of two bubbles in space-time has caused a weakening or rift in the barrier between universes, and that what happened might happen again at any time. But as I sit out here in my backyard, under the warm sun, listening to the birds chirping away it's hard to believe all is not right with the world again.

What, suddenly I feel...Oh No!



The end




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