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by Meghashri Dalvi


"Mom, look what uncle Bob has given me." Sam's dimpled cheeks shined with excitement.

Martha looked at the huge bar of chocolate in Sam's hand.

"Shall I open it, Mom?" Sam was eager to sink his teeth into the bar.

"Oh, go on!" She smiled indulgently.

But when Sam opened the wrapper, she squealed in disgust. "Throw it away, Sam!"

She was staring at a blue chocolate.

"It's blue, Mom," Sam said matter-of-factly.

"Yes, it is," she said flatly, "and I don't know what that means. Don't eat it."

Sam's chubby face turned miserable.

"OK. When we go shopping tomorrow, I'll get you some chocolates. Promise." She tried to console him, thinking how Uncle Bob could forget looking at the expiry date.

As promised, she took Sam the next day to the supermarket. She took extra care to select four different brands, and double-checked the expiry date. Like any disciplined parent, she refused to let Sam open the chocolate till they were home.

Once home, Sam could barely wait. He chose the biggest one and tore the wrapper.

Martha froze. This chocolate was blue, too.

She rushed to open the rest. They all were blue.



Fred ran a fruit stall in the central square of the city. He took pride in stocking al the varieties and only the best. His stall was full of green apples, bright oranges, and red cherries.

Roger came in as usual at lunchtime. He picked up his staple set of one kiwi fruit, one grapefruit, and a single banana.

"Hey! I pay the usual?" Not a man of many words.

"Yup." Fred grinned. "Usual."

"Right." Roger said absent-mindedly, paid, and moved out.

He shot back the next minute.

"Look, it's blue inside!" His face had lost color when he showed the banana to Fred.

Fred's face lost more color. "Never happened before," He said. "Take another please."

But Roger was apprehensive. He took a fruit knife and sliced the kiwi fruit. It had an uncharacteristic blue tinge inside.

It was a matter of minutes before they both discovered that the grapefruit was blue inside, too.



It didn't take long for the pigs and turkeys to get blue. Potatoes and other roots took time. Grains like rice were easy.

People were anxious at first. It took courage to try those blue foods. Some had no option and took the first bite. Others followed nervously. But soon all got accustomed. They opened chip packets knowing that the blue ovals will spill out. They ordered fried chicken expecting blue inside the crispy skin. Noodles and pasta were now appetizing as blue strips drenched in a blue sauce.

People noticed but shrugged when the greenery slowly turned into blue foliage. They didn't even notice when all the fish turned blue.

When they were satisfied with the blue food, the blue Aliens descended on the blue Earth. It had taken them exactly one and half year to perfect all kinds of food for their consumption.

About turning the Humans blue might take them more time.


2017-03-19 09:37:56
dandrew72 - Love this story!

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