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Jeromy Henry


by Patricia Todd




It’s not inevitable that the Universe will keep on expanding, but it might be a safer option.


The Czarina held sway over her court, her armies and her empire. Ever ready to defeat her enemies and assimilate them into her world, subdued and ruled with an iron grip, she demanded subjugation and got it.

Her hunger for domination knew no bounds and yet even though star systems were challenged, engaged in warfare and won, her appetite was not assuaged.

Something was lacking: She was not sated.

Desiring an elusive something, a mute point, she cast her conquering net wide, modelling herself on one planet’s great female icons – Boudicca, Cleopatra, Amazon.
As supreme leader, the Czarina, could outwardly only show her fantastic warrior face. Strategy demanded that she could have no weaknesses. Only inwardly, as the years took their toll on her youthful appearance, did she at last begin to acknowledge a yearning for something more personal.

After a particularly fraught meeting of her counsel, she retired to her quarters and dismissed her attendants. Here she could be alone with her thoughts, becoming mortal and with hidden agendas. She disrobed, first taking off her bejewelled headdress, carefully placing it on a bust to maintain its shape, then her outer armour with padded shoulders and chainmail tunic. She found herself staring at herself in her mirror wearing nothing but silken raiments. No more regimented dress, instead curvaceous silhouette.

Her sensitive, secret dreams could out, trembling like the guttering torches that lined the walls of her room.

She sighed. Her gaze traversed the corners of her boudoir, alighting from one head to another, the spoils of war. Or rather what spoilt the wars. For each leader, king, baron, general, once defeated, would have to submit on her terms: To spend one night with her before surrendering everything they possessed including their lifeblood, so being possessed of her.

It wasn’t the number that was so disappointing, as the failure to find an equal amongst the militia. Full battledress bedecked both parties, a coupling of military might, for one night, and alone in the aftermath. Supremacy required it.

She wouldn’t give up on her search. Somewhere out there she would have her match. Ordering her strategists to chart new star systems, to add to her empire and pursue her goals, ever mindful of her military might.

With great knowledge, comes great power and to this end the Czarina absorbed the findings that her astronomers had presented to her at the last counsel. Brave men to impart in detail the discovery that whilst the known stellar landscape was conquered, the fabric of space was stretching continuously and there were therefore no boundaries or limits to contain the empire.
     If this were true, then time itself would have to be limitless to pursue her goals. The anomaly and irony was that there were limits on her mortality. A solution had to be found.

With new tracts of space to covet, the Czarina eagerly anticipated the spoils of war.

Ever outward, ever receding from her touch, space loomed. An inky void, devoid of pulses after raging wars. Still no match.

Amongst her entourage that tended to all her needs, there was a clairvoyant who played the role of oracle when the Czarina wanted to avail herself of the occult.
He was a graceful youth and attracted looks from many quarters, even lately from the Czarina herself. No mighty man wielding power like a sword, ready to unleash death at every blow, but a gentle soul, attuned to dreams and philosophical argument.

How was it that such a fellow, unpractised in the art of warfare, a mere minion in her realm, could occupy her thoughts, more than she would care for ?
                        This infatuation had to be addressed and in the only way she knew how.


She invited her would be paramour to a meeting, to discuss the portents and auspices of an upcoming battle. This subterfuge would suffice and would prevent the youth from being alarmed.

The evening of the tryst arrived. The venue was an ante-room of her chambers. She lingered in the room, pacing the floor almost as quickly as her heart was racing. Seconds became eternities. Finally, echoing footsteps could be heard and a gentle tapping at the door.

“Come” the Czarina intoned with authority. The object of her desire entered the chamber and approached her shyly. The Czarina smiled and, noticing a strap across his body, said : “But what is this, you come armed to my chambers ?”

“I come formally dressed, as I would to one of your counsels.”

The youth’s candour appealed to her and she invited him to sit at her couch.

The Czarina proceeded to discuss battle plans and entreated opinions from her would be lover. The discussions about battle stratagems were lengthy and absorbing and she almost regretted what she had to do.

She stood, and the youth got up abruptly too.

The Czarina picked up two chalices full of wine and approached him.

“Drink, you have served me well.”

The youth took the chalice and made as if to drink the contents but then dropped it. The metal clattered on the flagstone floor.  The youth took a few paces back and quickly raised his bow and let fly an arrow made of gold.

The tip pierced the Czarina’s breast. She held her hands to her heart, which the arrow, unerring, had found. She tried to stem the flow of golden liquid and gasped, “What magic is this ?”

The youth replied, “Of all the Czars, in all the worlds, you had to pick me.”

“I am the son of a God, a Czarevich, and in your cupidity you are now mine and possessed of me.”

                                                        “My name is Cupid.”


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