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The Levelling

by Charles Chettiar

When the levelling came, no one was prepared. Corrupt politicians ran for cover. But the levelling found them too. First people thought that they were only after the corrupt politicians. But then left, right and centre men started to get killed. The things were chasing men on the roads, bearing down on them and slashing at them.

But at the start women were not aware. Women and men scrambled to get away from the slasher bots. In the melee a girl slipped, and spread-eagled on the floor. She closed her eyes and braced for the meat cutting rotors of the slasher robots to slash into her flesh. The dire prediction of Terminator movies had come true.

The slasher bot passed her. For an instant she thought that it had missed. With thudding heart Sujuna looked around. She wasn’t the only one being passed on. The slasher bots kept chasing men and all around her women stood dumbfounded.

It was like stepping off from a cyclone. The men being chased by the cyclone of killer robots and the women remained unscathed. The streets lay in ruins. People were afraid to come out. Streets were deserted. The reek of the dead saturated the air. Inside women and children huddled in fear.

One corrupt politician to another

Bala wouldn’t have lifted the phone. They could be monitoring the air waves too. But he did pick it up.

“Where are you now?” came the voice from the other end.

“With my mistress,” said Bala.

“Can you see the streets?” said Manivel.

“Yes. Deserted.”

“The night is bright.”

Bala looked out. the night was like day with huge beams of white light moving on the street.

“They are only searching the street,” said Bala.

“Wait till they find a way inside.”

Skewed ratio

Sujuna had burst into the very first flat which opened to her push.

The loudspeakers outside blared.

“Humans are evil. They kill their women. They kill their girls. They kill their babies. They kill their unborn.”

The path to India Gate was strewn with corpses. Sujuna heard a rumble outside. She peeked through the drapes to see a battle tank passing on the street. The battle tank’s turret rotated taking aim at the slasher bots. A rut-tut sound of machine gun fire, though muffled reached her.

The night was bright as day light.

Then she saw the hover bots. They hovered on the tank. Something yellow akin to flames came out of the hover bots and encircled the tank. She didn’t know whether she heard any screams. When the flames retracted like claws into the hover bots a pudgy lump of metal was only left where the tank had been.

Could nothing stop them?

She shivered.

But had they did anything to harm her. hoards of girls had come out of the carnage. But had she met any of them?

She pushed the door open. The staircase loomed ahead casting flickering shadows on it.

One corrupt politician to another

“They had come inside,” said Bala.

“Then how?” Manivel’s voice was hoarse.

“My mistress turned them away.”

“It’s required.”

“So what do you say?”

“It is about getting out out. You.”

“Tell the PM about the ICBM.”

“It’s worse than the countless insurgencies I had to deal with.”

“Use your civil servant. She’s a woman I think.”

“The ICBMs.”


Sujuna felt invincible with hordes of slasher bots and fury bots going around her. She wasn’t harmed. It was the men. The men who would be.

Nothing would make her tremble anymore.

It seemed too perfect. But what if, if the bots turned on her?

But they would never turn on her.

She stepped over rotting corpses. The India Gate rose in front of her like a citadel.

She saw two tails of rockets moving towards the dome shaped flying saucer now covering the entire National capital region.

A shudder of sound then brightness.

One corrupt politician to another

“It worked,” said Bala.

“What a wonderful mushroom cloud,” said Manivel. “Aren’t you in the bunker?”

“Where do you think? You think that I am a fool?”

“The Chinese are also affected,” said Manivel. “Not there in any Western countries.”

“Why should only the Indians and the Chinese suffer?”

“My civil servant says that it is all about the skewed sex ratio. Only India and China have a bigger problem.”

“The PM says that they are suing for peace.”

“That must have taught the bastards a lesson, aliens or not. The ICBMs.”

“But there is something in the bunker. The slasher bots have reached—”

Chemical castration

Sujuna should have been dead. But she wasn’t. The slasher bots moved around her. The fury bots circled her. it still rained fiery bits of the mothership. The India Gate glowed. As she looked a line formed from the India Gate. They were all men.

The slasher bots were now holding posters


Sujuna looked to see that the India Gate was linked with a big cable from the mother ship. Men passed through the India Gate and came from the other end. This was a solution.

She frowned.



2017-11-09 00:53:36
This story shows real imagination. I enjoyed reading it.

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