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Time Wars & other SciFi Tales

by Gordon Rowlinson

The Sunken Forsaken City

by Gordon Rowlinson

Atlanticc Oceann off the coast of  White Plains, the year 3017

“It's almost impossible to detect, but the sea level is going down. The estimate is a drop of 10 feet in the next 100 years,” said Marc. He gently lowered the speed of the anti-grav research vessel he was piloting.

“That must be the statue you were talking about.” said Linnda. As she leaned on the side rail and pointed off the port side of the craft, her long blond hair was blowing in the sea breeze. Both Marc and Andre turned to port and beheld an impressive statue of a lady with an upraised arm. The statue was above water, but the statue base was underwater.   

“Yes. I was here two years ago and the water level on the statue looks about the same,” Marc said. He smiled. Linnda was pretty and made him wish he was 25 years younger.  

“We're just graduate students. You are the archaeologist and historian,” said Andre. His tall thin frame was leaning against the sonar control. “Who is the lady and why would the old ones build such a huge statue?” 

“No one knows,” said Marc. “I keep hoping that I find something in the city for a clue to her identity. She must have been someone important. It is my speculation that she was one of the founding members of the country of the old ones. At any rate, too much of this city remains a mystery. We have uncover what we can and build our knowledge of this ancient civilization.” He stroked his grey beard and he turned the anti-gravity research craft towards the middle of the sunken city. The 20 ft research vessel, built for underwater excavations, skimmed a foot over the surface of the water to the area where the tops of buildings that rose out of the sea. After 20 minutes, he eased the vessel to a stop.  

“Prepare the robot searcher sub please,” he said. Turning around he noticed Linnda was already powering up the robot explorer and Andre was operating the lift to maneuver the small robot submarine over the water. Marc smiled. The two were his top students from the University. He had done well in choosing them to assist him in this digging excavation and look into the past.

The three lowered the robot into the city waters and Marc steered the sub into a dive. Expertly steering the sub directly between the buildings of the mysterious underwater city, Marc watched intently the sub's position on the view screen. His two fascinated assistants watched over his shoulder. He turned on the sub hyper-lights and the old city streets burst into bright light and visible as if it was daylight. 

“Wow. There is a lot more to see below the water level,” said Linnda. “The city is arranged in rows and rows of structures.”

“Yes. These buildings were once the most elegant, most admired in the world. Now they are ruins. Everything above water is not safe anymore and anything good has already been looted hundreds of years ago,” said Marc. “Hopefully we can find some historical artifacts at the lower levels of the structures.” The sub silently cruised down empty streets of deserted, decrepit skyscrapers—streets that, in a bygone era, once showcased the finest music and arts and housed the power centers of the world's high finance. The sub moved on past rows and rows of streets.  

“Are you looking for something special?” asked Linnda.

“Yes. I'm counting streets and I'm looking for Fifth Avenue and 56nd Street,” said Marc. “The old ones liked to name streets after numbers.” 

“Apparently the old ones weren't very creative,” said Linnda.

“Well they weren't creative enough to shift to technologies that don't effect climate,” said Andre. “They caused a flood that lasted 1000 years. That isn't very creative.”

“Yeah, no one today would think of using technology that causes droughts, rising sea levels and bigger hurricanes,” said Linnda.

After 45 minutes of maneuvering the sub down the streets, Marc shined the sub's lights on a dark structure. The words MP TOW were clearly seen on the building several feet above the Oceann bottom. 

“This is it! This is the place I've been looking for,” said Marc. “We'll find some some excellent historical artifacts in this structure. The words MP TOW is actually a sign above the building entrance. The layers of sediment have covered up most of the entrance.” He slowly maneuvered the robot to the side of the building and looked for an ideal spot for the sub's laser to burn an entryway into the structure.  

“What is it?” said Linnda.

“This is Trump Tower...” said Marc, not looking up from the view screen.    

“I don't get it. Why is this structure important?” said Linnda.

“This underwater building is the headquarters of the man who said Climate Change was a hoax,” said Marc. “This is where President Donald Trump lived.”

“Who is Donald Trump?” she asked.


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Books by Quantum Muse contributors and friends.
Time Wars & other SciFi Tales

by Gordon Rowlinson

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