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The Island Beckons !

by Patricia Todd

“It’s a shame that we only see butterflies for a few weeks each year, they’re so beautiful.”

I know of a place where butterflies flourish all year round and not just the summer months.

Where the poplar trees flutter in the wind, each leaf flipping to and fro, imparting the whole a vibrant dappled light of ever changing hues. All in harmony.

“I want to go there. When can we go ? We must go there to see the butterflies and the dappled leaves.”


In this place there are mysteries to the nature that we know of : Insects and flora that have never been pursued and identified, catalogued and framed, bought and sold.

Bright colours, thorny and furry textures. A delight to the senses. First spotted and never forgotten. Wondrous creatures that inhabit this place of abundance. A rare find.

The heady scent of nectar, the gossamer touch of wing, the rustle of leaves – all there for the taking. One but needs to believe in this mystical place of enchantment.

“I believe. I want to go there ! When can we go ?”


Perhaps belief is not enough. I believed through the ages. From youth to prime, from prime to sagacity. And through all this time and the events of my life I have pondered and longed for this mesmeric world to be tangible. To dabble in the cool waters, frothing the flotsam and jetsam, to navigate the coastline and climb the rocky cliffs.

It’s an island you see. Not easy to get to get to even though you may have a map, a mental map that is.

“Let’s buy a boat. We can sail there and then enjoy all the flowers and the animals.”


Perhaps it’s a special kind of boat we need. Not made of wood or metal, a coracle or a canoe. To circumnavigate the blue marble with its ever changing weather patterns. To reach the destination of this impossible world of paradise with its iridescent wings fluttering just out of reach.

Where there’s no bad weather, just sunshine. A never ending summer filled with heat and gentle breezes, ripeness and plenty: Demeter rules with her horn.

A place where sensual creatures play and frolic, enjoying time which has no limits.

Time is static there, a bubble on the horizon, no beginning and no ending.

No sorrow, simply joy. Each manner of life empathising with one another, in harmony with nature at its best.

We can but dream of this magical place but perhaps in the imagining create foundations of something we can all aspire to.

“I like to dream. Mostly good dreams but sometimes they’re not so good. I wish I could wake up and be in this place where there’s only laughter and joy. That would make me happy.”


The light that illuminated the glass where the consciousness was held flickered, scattering the rays and firing the neurons.

 “I believe. I want to go there ! When can we go ?”


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