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by Patricia Todd

“We’ve said this time and time again, the subject has to be at least 30, 20 won’t do – we’ve seen the consequences of triggering a reaction when they’re in their 20’s and they just can’t handle it – they cop out, go off the grid or are institutionalised in the set system,” said Blue Leader One.

“It’s a question of numbers”, retorted Red Leader One. “We’ve programmed the system, so that there are a set number of drones of each age bracket in a given artificial environment – and up until now it’s worked.”

“Of course there are going to be casualties – we acknowledged that when we were at the initial design phase.”

“Interaction is key, that’s the basis of the game but a robust unit, I maintain, will last longer and a selected environment throughout the unit’s lifespan is crucial too! “ Blue Leader One reiterated to press the point.

“I know we would all like them to be Centenarians but where would the fun be in that?” chimed in Red Leader One.

He continued, “These games we’ve designed are making a packet, everyone wants to collect units, purchase them with all the DNA hitches written in the accompanying literature. The customer tweaks the unit, the environment and, of course, becomes disappointed and wants more reactions – par for the course. That’s where our business excels.

Pander to the customer, give them what they want and the commercial aspect of after sales service kicks in. A construct can last a long time, be upgraded and at every stage it’s built in that the customer can have their wishes fulfilled, for a nominal fee you understand.” Red Leader One wryly enthused.

“Our society eliminated wars and strife many centuries ago. We are free to explore our tame world, smoothed to perfection. It’s not enough so we tapped into the psyche of our residents, captured and analysed their thoughts and came up with an inspired concept of a show on a planetary scale.  So we now live vicariously through MegaGame – purchasing our dreams and kicks at will and experience what our drones feel, smell, taste, see and emote too. Ingenious !”

“Virtual reality taken a step further. These drones we’ve created are independent units, interacting in a closed system, but who knows what the outcomes will be ? It’s ingenious, it’s exciting and they pay for it !” Concluded Red Leader One.

“Yes, Red Leader One, I understand what you’re saying, but I’m proposing a rethink to protect the drones we’ve designed. They aren’t slaves or just 3-D designs. They sense, they react and the consequences for our customers is symbiotic: If a scenario goes wrong and it is happening more and more of late, the conduit between the drome and the punter has an effect – it’s felt and internalised. I propose that this is an issue that we should address at our earliest convenience. This symbiotic relationship may escape and introduce the kind of programming on Earth that we have erased here. “ Blue Leader One left the Intelliroom.

Red Leader One thought for a while, pursing his lips and tapping his fingers on the table top.

He had been left with no option. He placed his MegaGame headset on and tapped a few keys accessing the commercial game that was the core of MegaGame.

Personnel selected; Blue Leader One profile uploaded; Eliminate command triggered.

Our basic tenet and slogan is : On Earth as it is in Heaven.


2018-02-03 18:00:43
dandrew72 - Good story. Just curious, was the title based on the Peter Gabriel song of the same name? (Asking because I love to use the same kinds of references when I can).

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