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Manifest Reality

by Robyn Cogert

Has God given us the ability to manifest reality?


Sticking with the quantum principles of observation impacting reality and the intentions in Laws of Attraction, we decide and create not only the perception of our reality but the reality itself. And if a space-time future may already exist, and there may be multiverse versions of it, then it is my personal, conscious decision to manifest my desired life experience.


I think before I get into how, I need to provide a better explanation of self.


One thing I am aware of is how you come to the conclusion of who you think you are – and I'm talking about your perception of yourself. Well that perception affects how you see yourself.  This may seem obvious. Let me explain – All your life experiences to-date, you use that information to come up with a story about how you responded to those experiences and how it created who you are right now. Now this story is not over until the end of your life so you are continually maturing and therefore affecting how you see yourself.  Most importantly, it is your decision how you define those experiences (good, bad, etc) and its your decision how you live (respond) through life. You decide.  Let's start with the later, how you live right now.


The Right Now:  You exist in this moment, right now, with your stories and memories and your plans for the future.  Well memories are phantoms of the past. The future is not now (though what we do now is the canvas of our future). So here we are with our now and we can make it whatever we manifest. What are you telling yourself? “I'm a depressed person, I'm not good in social situations” Won't that affect how you respond to life right now, in the now. Can you just decide to not play your story and not use the past to define the now? Just be free in the now. Be a new person every minute or simply exist now. Notice what you see, hear smell. Mindfulness. Stay in the day. And you decide! See you decide what the story is going to be in this moment. Fearless, striking, frail, loving, hateful. OK think about it!


The Response:  In every moment, you decide how to respond to your experience. Not just what you say, but do you care? Should you care? Will you be able to walk away from this experience feeling good or bad yourself?


That is a very important consideration because the only person you have the power over is yourself. That's the only person you need to impress. You can love many without loving yourself but then you can't be friends with yourself either. What do you mean? Yes, you love yourself because you are always thinking of yourself? No, that is not love. That is selfishness. When you love yourself, you want to be your own best friend. You want to do things for yourself that you would do for a best friend, clean-up, care for, cheer for them, cry with them, and always be there like someone who is loved. Do you know this kindness? Can you show it to yourself?


If you can show yourself love, respect, kindness, etc, then you have control to decide and respond in the manner that you would like to. And the manner in which you respond is served by you – by your decision.


If life is food, then you are the plate in which it is served on. (sorry about the food metaphor – I skipped dinner). Can I be better to others than I am to myself? Yes of course. But then I'm not valuing myself in the equation.


OK the point. As I learn to love myself, I feel I have the power to make a conscious decision on how I will respond, live and experience through life. And while I'm in the now, I will focus on the desired reality.


You want to see hate – you see hate. You want to see love – you see love.

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