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Time Wars & other SciFi Tales

by Gordon Rowlinson

The Eagle Has Landed

by Gordon Rowlinson

Climbing up the Eagle's ladder in low gravity, Neil Armstrong paused in mid-step and thoughtfully took a last look at the small world. The magnificent desolation of the barren, lifeless lunar scenery was ironically beautiful. Then he climbed up to Aldrin at the pulley device. Together they eventually hauled the sample bags up and into the hatch of the LEM. Before going inside the Eagle's hatch, Aldrin opened up a spacesuit pocket sleeve and pulled out a bag of memorial items that were to be left behind. For posterity, he tossed the bag down to the moon surface.

In an attempt to lighten the Eagle for assent, the two men removed their PLSS backpacks and lunar overshoes and threw them down to the moon surface. Then they threw a camera and unneeded equipment down to the surface.

After a pre-planned rest period, the two astronauts began to methodically run down the checklist to lift off from the lunar surface. Finally after 21 hours on the Moon's surface, triumphantly they blasted off from the base of the LEM, leaving the base behind. The proud US flag flapped crazily in the wake of the ascent engine exhaust. The small, fragile Eagle flew higher and became a speck in the black sky as the two men prepared to rendezvous with the Collins in the Command Module.

After the moon dust had settled, what appeared to be a rock thirty 30 meters away stirred slightly.

/^*0:><\/. (I thought the invaders would never leave,)” said the creature.

>`~>{#[<~`/^*-+<\. (I don't think they noticed us and thought we were just rocks. They sure weren't very smart.)” said a second creature.

><@#*^|^*-+<\. (And such messy slobs! Look at all the junk they left behind.)”


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Books by Quantum Muse contributors and friends.
Time Wars & other SciFi Tales

by Gordon Rowlinson

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