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The Ship by Harris Tobias

Alone and abandoned the alien vessel represented hope, rescue and comfort, if only he could find a way in. -- Science Fiction

The Jewels of Zendeira by Jeromy Henry

Trapped in an ancient alien complex, can a group of explorers pool their psionic talents and somehow win free? -- Science Fiction

CHLIDREN OF THE GRAY TOWER part 1 by James Gardner

The tale began in THE MUTED SHOUT OF THE GRAY TOWER (Archived on Quantum Muse) continues. Tomlin of Martyr's Cavern, Irene heir apparent to the throne of The Realm, and Reade Beryl sorceress, now Queen of the Werewolves and "Last Serf of the Gray Tower," discover new enemies as they attempt to save what might be the only accurate copy of The Book. -- Fantasy

Drunk by James Turnbull

A man who cares little for his own well being meets the being in charge of his upkeep -- Alternative

BEFORE I HANG by Andrew Dunn

Lately, I've been watching re-runs of old western TV shows and movies mainly from the 1950s through early 1970s. That provided the nucleus for this story. Initially, I was going to stick closer to the idea of a condemned man in an old western environment but I was going to add some quirky stuff just to make it different. Then I decided to change the scene to outer space while bringing in some contemporary themes. (The idea for Cyrus in part was inspired by a recent visit to a museum that featured some old Saddam Hussein-era artifacts). I hope the end result is something you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing it. -- Science Fiction

Random Art!

John Rose

Image copyrighted by the artist.


Quantum Muse featured John Rose on 9 / 2014.

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