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Lyranova by Alex Mair

At the speed of light, the slightest trouble can wreck an interstellar mission. -- Science Fiction

A Decisive Blow by Chuck Tay

A primitive gang-like tribe, after something of an apocolypse, called The Ruin, is losing faith in its leader, Vargas. A young man challenges for leadership to recharge the tribe. -- Science Fiction

Hawkesmoor One: How Hawke Earned a Horse by John Henson Webb

Be careful for whom you do a favour! Not all bargains are to mutual advantage. A piece of pulp-fantasy, just for the joy of telling a story. -- Fantasy

Nomad Two: Waste by John Henson Webb

Answering a call from an old friend, an investigator searches for a missing woman. -- Science Fiction

Nimrod by Daniel Young

A heartwarming story of a boy and his werewolf battling the depression of the 1930's and murderous land developers. -- Science Fiction

Random Art!

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Image copyrighted by the artist.


Quantum Muse featured Stephanie Pui-Mun Law on 2 / 2010.

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