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I Don't Sleep, I Dream by Patrick Niemeyer

This is a breakup story, told in an unconventional fashion. I tried writing it as a stage play first, but couldn't get it to work. You'll see how it all fits together. Or not. -- Alternative

The War Effort by Harris Tobias

When you play in the big leagues, sometimes you're in over your head. -- Science Fiction

Dulcifer (Part Three) by Michael Peralta

Out of Hell; Into Dreams -- Fantasy

The Song of the Snow Vixen part 2 by James Gardner

The Duke of Clay Fields goes searching for the magic potion Wizard Flemen made for him. His Wizard,Brickeleau, though drunk comes with him and his troop. Brickeleau casts a spell that pulls Flemen from the air thus enabling Vixen-Victoria's escape. The Lady of Leeds and her handmaiden, Casseyleed, fly to Victoria but must fight enchanted eagles. After combat Vixen-Victoria eats from one of the dead eagles. Refreshed she attacks the combinded forces of The Duke of Clay Fields and Wizard Flemen with her magic. -- Fantasy

Beyond the Rift by Jeromy Henry

Everyone who tries the ritual ends up insane or altered into something... unpleasant. But Jed has nothing to lose. Can he be the first one to master magic? Will he unlock the secrets of the world, or destroy it? -- Fantasy

Random Art!

Jon Hrubesch

Image copyrighted by the artist.


Quantum Muse featured Jon Hrubesch on 9 / 2012.

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