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Rose Mambert editor at Pink Narcissus Press

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First, thank you for taking the time to talk with us. As another native New Englander I’d like to say we’re wicked pleased you agreed to the interview.

I’m wicked flattered you asked.

You are the Editor-in-Chief for Pink Narcissus. Please tell us about it?

Pink Narcissus Press is a small press founded in 2010 that publishes eclectic speculative fiction.  We tend to lean towards fantasy and science fiction with an emphasis on folkloric, feminist and queer themes. Currently we average 4-6 titles per year, in both trade paperback and e-book versions.

How did you become Editor-in-Chief?

Nobody else wanted to be in charge.

How is Broad Universe related to Pink Narcissus?

Pink Narcissus is not officially affiliated in any way with Broad Universe, though promoting the work of women who write speculative fiction is something Pink Narc and the Broads have in common. I myself joined over a year ago, and it’s given me the opportunity to meet some wonderful women. Also, it so happens that the current president of Broad Universe, Trisha Wooldridge, lives down the street from me, which makes hatching evil plots of female world domination much easier.

As an editor how do you find time to write?

Time to write? What’s that?

Please tell us a bit about your novel The Muses?

The Muses is a love letter to the band Gene Loves Jezebel. Assuming that love letters are engorged with sex and violence, and that it’s romantic when the characters consume each other at the end – literally.

Plotwise, it’s a story about a vampire rock band who find themselves in trouble when the lead singer’s relationship with a music reporter threatens to uncover them. To make matters more complicated, things spiraling further out of control when the band’s past starts to catch up with them in the forms of an ancient evil and a new vampire hunter who comes to town.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently editing an eco-fantasy novel called Elementarí Rising by Nancy Hightower, which is due out later this year. In addition to Hightower’s book, we have four other novels in the works, which range from urban fantasies to dystopian futures. Plus we’re rather excited by our second science fiction anthology due out later this year, a quirky collection called Impossible Futures.

How many books to you publish per year on average?

We publish 4-6 books every year.

Out of how many submission?

Our slush pile goes through strange cycles of activity, where we either have too many submissions at once, or it becomes so quiet, I wonder if our slush pile is broken. Our last anthology was by invitation only, so the editors ended up accepting 100% of the stories. In general, we accept somewhere between 10-20% of the stories we receive, depending on the theme of the anthology. For unsolicited novels, that number drops down around 1%.

Do you find reading from the slush pile fun?

Strangely, sometimes, yes. You never know what you’re going to find in there – just like Christmas.

Any special advice to someone interested in submitting to Pink Narcissus Press?

We are currently closed to submissions. However, if you catch me at a con or other event, I never say no if someone wants to give me their pitch. In general, though, we really like it when people read our submission guidelines first.

Are you going to have a table at Readercon this year?

We have applied for a space in the Readercon Bookshop, so now we’re just waiting for confirmation or rejection. I’m pretty sure we behaved appropriately last year when we shared a table with Raw Dog Screaming Press at Readercon 23.

Visit Rose Mambert's website by clicking here

Order The Muses by clicking here

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