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Books by the Editors

Quantum Musings by Michael Gallant, Raymond Coloumbe, and Tim Goyette

Enjoy this collection of fifteen stories by the editors of Quantum Muse. Click here to learn more.

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King's Foresters by Michael Gallant

Rejoyce and Be Glad! Once featured as a series here at QM, the book is now available in a dead tree version and as a PDF download.

Synopsis: Captain Corill Lintemacil of the King's Foresters is just trying to safeguard the frontier with his band of misfits, but when a renegade Baron takes unwelcome liberties with an Earl's daughter, he is plunged into a maelstrom of kidnapping, escapes, swordplay, battle, stealth, seige, and magic. And loses his best pair of boots.

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Transdimentional Blues by Raymond Coloumbe

Jake Stonewall's life is in constant danger as he is pulled through parallel worlds, with little warning, and with almost no control. He is aided by the teachings of an enigmatic martial arts master. Through many trials and adventures, he learns about the true nature of reality and his place in it.

Dead tree versions available at these fine on-line establishments:

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| Barnes & Noble - Hardcover, Paperback |

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