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Steven Saus

"Johnson, why didn't you come to the assembly?"  Dr. Sandra Yin scowled at her subordinate.  Dan Johnson - the "Doctor" on his nameplate hidden by a stickynote - snorted like the bovine fetus he'd just re-encoded from the stored DNA.

"Come off it, Sandra.  I know you don't buy into that guy any more than I do."

Sandra's face dissolved into a smile.  She walked over to Dan, bumping into the side of his desk.  "Sorry, still getting used to the gravity."  Dan's eyes were already glued back to the processes, his hands sliding and tapping the touchscreen in a fluid dance.   He spoke in fragments, speaking a secondary process behind the work.  

"So you still haven't... said why I should.... care about going.  He's just a ... tinpot"

Sandra put her hand over his mouth.  "Shush - not too loud.  He's still got the pursestrings.  As long as he looks good, enough of the Council will go along with whatever he says.  Including replacing either of us."

Danny sighed.  "Damn cults of personality.  So what did the Supreme Leader want?"

"He was inaugorating his new statues around the dome.  Of himself in various 'action scenes'."  Sandra drew the air quotes rather than risk saying it.  "When he discovered Beta 3, himself as the first person off the ship.  There's one of him raising the first roof - what is it?"

Dan was having trouble breathing.  His laughter was barely held in by the hand clamped over his mouth.  "Did you say statues?   Outside?"

Dan pointed at the screen, at the animal he'd finished recoding from its DNA.  Sandra's laugh began as giggles, but within minutes both scientists were helpless on the floor.

The first pigeon on the new human colony of Beta 3 was born three weeks later.

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2009-08-30 00:29:42
Excellant Short, to the point, well written.

2009-07-13 15:49:53
Hilarious. Sounds like something I would do. Nice twist ending.

2009-07-02 14:45:39
Well written. A good reminder to those of us who put to much stock in the cult of personalities of leaders. In the end their memories and memoriums are nothing more than pigeon dropping collectors

2009-07-02 06:38:22
Story was interesting with a comical twist at the end. However true the end result,we all need to remember that we all contribute to the forward movement of civilation in unique ways - albeit good or crappy.

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