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Roi Czechvala

I started out beyond the orbit of Mars, just hanging around. You know, just doing whatever. Occasionally I’d bump into one of my friends, but we’d quickly go our separate ways. That was just the way things were, kind of casual. “Hey, what’s up”, we might say.

So, there I was, just minding my own business when, with out so much as a “by your leave,” a comet ripped by and yanked me out of my happy home and sent me hurtling towards Sol.

“Is this to be the end of Rocky,” I asked myself, “to be gobbled up in the Fiery Depths of Sol Herself?” Alas I was in for a far worse fate. It would be better to end my days as Glowing Plasma than to suffer the slings and arrows that destiny had in store. I was heading inward towards the blue planet. It likes to be called “Earth”, but we in the Outer Belt simply refer to it as “Corky”.

I felt as if I were going to split open as I entered the upper atmosphere and caught air. I must have been a beautiful sight trailing a white hot glowing tail for miles across the early morning sky. Well, that’s one for me. At least I made a spectacular entrance, blazing across oceans, soaring above mountains and prairies. Reflected majestically from lakes and rivers.

That all came to a screeching halt when, bang, I slammed unceremoniously into the ground. Except...horror of horrors it wasn’t gentle, pleasant, comforting rock, this was ice.

“Why, oh why cruel fates have you abandoned me here?”

I was morose for many millennia, buried there in my frozen tomb. Then I noticed something, something wonderful. Something that had escaped me previously as the change was so subtle. I was moving. Okay, maybe not with the blistering speed I entered at, but at least I was getting somewhere. Somewhere, anywhere, beat the hell out of here.

I continued to move slowly, inexorably south for several more millennia. It was so dreadfully boring; I counted to infinity...twice. All at once a miracle occurred. It began to get warm. Slowly my icy cocoon melted away, and there was Sol, Shining down upon me; bigger and brighter than ever. I nestled among my stony friends, and wept with joy.

Over time, a stream rushed over me, and covered me with soil. For many hundreds of years I once again was cut off from the Shining Face of Mother Sol. However, with the ebb and flow of centuries, and the shifting of the ground around me, I once more entered into the Glorious Light. I was surrounded by all manner of things; stones and pebbles that would be my friends and all sorts of living things that crept under and over me and flew through the air as I once had.

One day, while basking in the wondrous Warmth of Her Light, a creature larger than I had ever encountered before, whom I shall call a “cow’ for lack of a better word, gently nuzzled me with its nose. It was warm and soft, and I thought we’d be great friends until she turned and soiled me.

Thus is my fate. I travel interstellar space, rocket through the atmosphere of this puny little backwater, bringing Light and Glory with me, only to end up in this Sol forsaken pasture with a cow pissing on me daily.

Sol, I hope You’re getting a big laugh out of this.


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2008-11-09 07:48:31
It is good

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