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NOTICE: Flash Fiction Submissions Have Changed

To submit a flash fiction piece of 1000 words or less, you no longer need to critique other authors' stories in order to post your submission. If you don't have a writer's login, you will still need to sign up. Once you create a login and sign in, look in the upper right-hand corner of the page for a link that says Flash.

Paste your story into the area provided and click Submit. It's as easy as that. The editors will read your submission and get back to you in 1-2 months depending on the volume of submissions. We may or may not provide feedback on why we accepted or rejected your piece.

Do you want to submit a longer piece? Scroll down and read our submission guidelines for longer fiction. Also, please note that if you want valuable critiques and feeback on your flash fiction, you can still submit flash fiction the same way you submit longer stories. It just takes more work.

Regular Submission Guidelines

Fiction submissions now go through peer review before being accepted for publication in the Quantum Muse online magazine. This does a couple of things.

For the submitter, this process helps improve your writing skills in two ways:

1. You get feedback on your work. With hundreds of submissions a month it isnít possible for us to critique each story. So, generally there is a form rejection letter. Youíll have no idea why it was rejected. With the peer review youíll get valuable feed back on your writing. The kind that can help us all to write better.

2. In order to submit to peer review, you have to build up submission credits by reviewing otherís works. Reviewing other peopleís writing helps us all develop a critical eye that can help with our own writing.

For the editors at Quantum Muse, it reduces the number of manuscripts we have to read from hundreds to tens. Letís face it we have lives outside of cyber space and some of us have jobs that help do serious stuff like eat. We donít have a massive amount of time to dedicate to this.

Quantum Muse fell into disuse because it was way too much work, even for three people to keep up with. This is the solution weíve come up with to be able to keep the zine up with good quality writing, without losing our families, and our minds. Okay, so itís too late for our minds.

To become a member click here. Once registered you can log in by clicking on "Writer's login" link near the top of the Quantum Muse home page

Submission rules:

For each 3 critiques a member gives, they gain 1 submission credit.
Submissions are added to the bottom of the queue.
Only the top story can be critiqued.
Once 5 critiques have been given to a story it is moved off the list.
The top ranked stores each month will be considered by the Quantum Muse editors for inclusion in the next monthís issue.

My QM page:

You have to become a member of Quantum Muse writerís community to submit stories to peer review. You will have a My QM page with all of your statistics including stories youíve submitted and their critiques, critiques youíve done.

More features will be added to Quantum Muse over time. Please consider joining to see your work published and help raise a community of great writers.

What are we looking for? | Copyright Policy | Word Limits | Submission Format |
| Artwork Submissions | Response Time | Rejections | FAQ |

Quantum Muse is interested in stories and artwork. We are not looking for poetry at this time. Ray has an English degree and was forced to read enough poetry already to become snobby about it, and Mike is a Philistine who lists his favorite poets as Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. Our policy on poetry is best expressed as a Haiku.

Painful Poetry
Submissions make me yearn to
Taste Death's sweet release

We have three general categories: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Alternative. What the heck is Alternative? At Quantum Muse we define an Alternative story as one that does not fit easily into any one genre. Essentially, we'll publish any story that catches our fancy.

Stories are kept in our archives for a period of six (6) months or more. During the time a story is up on the site or in the archive, it is possible to receive tips from fans who enjoyed your story with the special tip cup provided at the bottom. Tips will be automatically deposited to your PayPal account as the tip is given. Enter your Paypal email address from the "Edit My Profile" link on your MyQM page.

We only acquire one-time electronic publication rights; after publication, all rights revert back to you, the author.

All cash payments will be made with PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can sign up here:
U.S. Residents click here
Non-U.S. Residents click here

Because Internet users are a stingy lot that feel all content should be free, rarely do any of them leave a tip. If a reader leaves a tip for your story and you do not have a PayPal account, we will contact you within a week of the tip to arrange a way to forward the funds to you. If you would like help setting up a PayPal account or with any other issue, please contact support at qmsupport@gmail.com.

We ask that you do not submit stories based on copyrighted characters. Our lawyer was recently disbarred and we cannot afford to violate copyright law, no matter how flattering your Star Trek story is. We assume you own the rights to the story you submit to us. If you do not, and we mistakenly publish it, don't expect us to take your side in any way when the lawyers come knocking.

We also ask that you not submit pornography. We are not attempting to infringe on your First Amendment rights, nor are we a bunch of book burning, Puritan fascists. Sexual content or strong language will not immediately disqualify a piece provided it advances the story, or is essential to plot or character development. Pandering or titillating for its own sake is inconsistent with our stated goal of providing aspiring authors an open forum for displaying their talent, and providing our readers with the finest fiction that a lack of money can obtain.

We have an 8,000 word limit. You may submit longer works if they can be serialized. Serialized works have special guidelines. We must have the whole, completed work in our grubby paws. We hate it when the author dies before finishing a series, and we do not want to disappoint our readers. Each installment must resolve enough of the plot to be satisfying but must have a strong lead in to the next installment.

We only accept electronic submissions through the QM writer's community. To become a member click here.

For artwork submissions, please click here.

Accepted works will be published in a timely manner. We define timely. Due to the volume we receive, expect a story to be considered for publication (or rejection) about three months after submitting it. Increased submission volume, or life in general, can increase this time, so please be patient.

A short biography of the author should be included with the story if the author would care to become famous. After initial publication, works will be archived. Stories will be removed at the author's request. For example, if you happen to sell the story to Hollywood, we at Quantum Muse understand.

Quantum Muse is in the business of publishing writers, not rejecting them. We do our poor best to offer the best reading material to our fans, as we're sure you try your best to create a piece worth reading. We know that writing is 10% talent and 90% created on a learning curve made of sleepless nights and binge drinking. In other words, it takes time and effort to create a masterpiece.

| What are we looking for? | Copyright Policy | Word Limits | Submission Format |
| Artwork Submissions | Response Time | Rejections | FAQ |