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AnonymousPacific Link College2019-06-19 04:51:27
AnonymousPLC | Pacific Link College has been enabling the student to get a well-balanced college education for more than 15 years. We are located at 10090 152 St., Surrey, British Columbia. The skill-centered design of the PLC | Pacific Link Colleges diploma programs provides students with realistic training for the workplace. The PLC | Pacific Link College offer many programs and professional certification. These include a business program such as Hospitality management courses, business management; marketing diplomas for digital marketing courses and digital media. To learn more about the PLC | Pacific Link College, you can contact us. Our phone number is (604) 439-9255 and we are open Monday through Friday 9 am-6pm or online at http://www.plvan.com/2019-06-19 04:52:22
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