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AnonymousRS Elemental Workshop 2 Quest Guide: How to Find a Battered Key?2019-09-12 03:06:23
AnonymousRunescape Elemental Workshop 2 is the second quest in the Elemental Workshop series with medium length. In this member-only quest, you are required to access the workshop with a battered key. Here are some steps &runescape 3 gold provided for searching it more easily. And you will also receive some rewards once completing the quest. Required Skills: 20 Magic, 30 Smithing Quests: Elemental Workshop I Items: Battered Key, Coal, Hammer, Pickaxe, Slashed Book Getting Started Begin the quest by going to the Digsite exam centre. Search the bookcases south of where the character is standing in this picture: The Elemental Workshop II - Search the bookcases for a beaten book The Elemental Workshop II - Beaten bookOnce you have searched the bookcases, you should find a Beaten Book. When you open it to read it, you will discover a Scroll The Elemental Workshop II - Scrollwith some odd markings on it. The Elemental Workshop II - Odd Markings Read the book at your leisure, and bring it with you to seer's village. You can teleport to camelot if you want.Once in seer's village, go back inside the workshop from the Elemental Workshop I Quest. If you do not have your key, you can refer to the guide and get a new one from the bookshelf in the seer's house. If you have a bookshelf in your own Player-Owned House, you can get the book from there as well. Refer to this map for key places in the dungeon: The Elemental Workshop II - KeyInside the workshop, begin by heading north into the watermill room. Search the machinery near some crates in the west side of the room for a Key. Once you have that key, you will be able to proceed in the large opening in the very centre of the workshop. Go downstairs. You will be inside a vast, secondary workshop. To the south is an old, broken elemental claw crane and a few crates.The Elemental Workshop II - SchematicsSearch the crates, and you should find a few schematics. Take the schematics with you. Get 3 elemental bars ready (Refer to the Elemental Workshop I Quest). Head back upstairs to the first workshop, and use your elemental bars on the workbench. You should be given the possibility and option to smith either a Elemental Helm The Elemental Workshop II - Elemental Helm or Elemental ClawThe Elemental Workshop II - Elemental Claw. To make the helm you need to keep the Beaten book with you. Make them both and keep your third bar. Go back downstairs. You will now need to repair the Crane. Lower it by pulling the lever just west of the crate with the schematics. The Elemental Workshop II - Lower the crane Once it's lowered you will be able to reach it for the necessary repairs. Use your elemental claw on it. After it's repaired, raise it. The Elemental Workshop II - Raise the crane after repairing the machine Once the claw is repaired, place an elemental bar on the Jig Cart. Do not move it yet. Lower the crane again, and it should pick up your bar. Raise the crane again. Now, rotate it so it can be above the lava using the eastern lever. Lower the crane again. This should dip your elemental bar into the lava, and it will turn Orange. Raise the crane again, then turn it with the other lever once more so you can place on the jig cart. Lower the crane then raise it. To the north of you will be a small area with fencing on 3 sides and a lever as a central viewpoint. Pull the lever, and your jig cart and bar should move on to the next step, the press. You will need to go upstairs and repair the pipes, however. Go up the ladder stairs near the Schematics crate, and look for a large Junction box. Open it. You will see an interface with 3 pipes on the right and 6 Pipe openings on the left. To connect the pipe junctions, simply click on one pipe section and then click the section to which you want to connect it to. Set up your pipes like this : The Elemental Workshop II - Set up your pipes like this Once they are connected in the proper way, go back downstairs and pull the lever that is just next to three small pipes. This should flatten your bar. Now, go back to the mine cart controls and pull the lever once. It should now move on in front of a water tank. The Elemental Workshop II - PipeYou will need to repair the pipes before proceeding. Search all crates (Upper and lower sections of the secondary workshop. There are some crates under the stairs too, and the location is random for everyone) until you find a Pipe and then go to the upper second section workshop, where the Junction box is. The Elemental Workshop II - Pipe Go up north until you see some pipes. One should have a hole in it. Use your pipe on that to fix it. Go back downstairs. The Elemental Workshop II - Now goback downstairs Open the door by pulling the lever, and then operate the Corkscrew lever. This should place some railings under your cart. Operate the Corkscrew device once more, and your bar and cart should be place inside the water tank. Close the door with the lever and head to the Western water valve. The water should flood the tank and cool down your elemental bar a bit. It will now be Blue. Now you have to drain the water. Turn the Eastern water valve and then the Western valve. Open the door, and operate the corkscrew wheel twice to place your cart and bar back on track. Close the door. The Elemental Workshop II - Small cogGrab a Small Cog from the crate near the northern water valve, and proceed to the mine cart controls. Pull the lever once. Now, it should be under a Wind Tunnel. It cannot operate yet, and is need of repair as well. You will have to find 2 more Cogs: The Elemental Workshop II - Medium Cog The Medium Cog The Elemental Workshop II - Large cog Lastly, the Large Cog. To find the cogs, search all the crates in the secondary workshop. They are randomly located for each different person. They can also be on the upper section of the second workshop and there are some crates under the stairs too. Once you have found them all, use them on the wind tunnel Pins on the side. Click a cog and then right-click the machine. The Elemental Workshop II - The machineThe Elemental Workshop II - Placement of the cogs The Elemental Workshop II - Primed barOnce correctly configured, pull the lever and the wind fan should start to blow. Stop the fan after a few seconds. Your bar will turn white. Go back to the mine cart controls. Pull the lever once again. Now, pick up your Primed bar from the cart. Go down the north-western staircases that lead downstairs from there. You should find an Extractor machine and an Extractor Gun. Place your primed bar under the gun and then operate the chair RS3gold, as a team of highly demanding and skilled gamers, has specialized in offering various kinds of RS products for years, including gold, account, items, power leveling and more with 24 hour online support. In the past years, we have dealt with millions of orders for hundreds and thousands of customers, building a firm customer base. We sincerely thank each of customers for his/her long term support and trust, and we are striving to keep improving our site and our service to repay all of customers, both old and new.2019-09-12 03:06:49
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