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micheledutcherEternal Life story2011-10-11 12:39:08
micheledutcher...in the movies, you see a vampire who is fighting desperately for his life, or wanting to have babies or whatever - but seldom do you see a vampire who is simply bored enough with life to want to go on to whatever is next. Interesting concept. Even in the movie Bram Stokers Dracula - the vampire was desperately wanting to stay alive long enough to have his one true love reincarnated. Interesting.2011-10-11 12:42:02
Banshee46Yeah, I had this idea that after a while, you'd really begin to wonder what the damn *point* was. Like, you know nothing is *really* a threat to you. You don't want babies (or have accepted that it's not going to happen). Then what? We always imagine that if we had forever, we'd find ourselves some kind of purpose to keep us busy, but just watching some people in the life span they have *now* kind of suggests that that's not true. People *already* get bored with life. Now imagine you had three or four hundred years under your belt!2011-10-20 10:31:06
Sidewinder4Bram Stoker's original villain was not eternally alive but eternally dead; an "undead" creature of pure evil, referred to as "The Monster" and "The Demon," as well as "Count Dracula." Rather than drinking blood to live he drank blood so that others would die. Stoker's novel was not a regular narrative but rather it is a file about Dracula; including newspaper clips, diary and journal entries; even a recording on an Edison Dictaphone machine, "spoken by Van Helsing." The book called "Bram Stoker's Dracula" is a novelization of a recent movie. The original is chilling. At one point the "good guys" and the girl partially under Dracula's control "hide in plain sight" behind a circle made from Blessed Christian Communion wafers and "The demon" attempts to entice them to "cross the line." There is a great deal of Christian symbolism in the book beyond holding up a crucifix. Originally Dracula was an uncreature whose bite caused damnation as well as death of the body. He tended to choose the shape of a wolf over the shape of a bat. Dracula had no redeeming qualities or desires from the pen of Stoker. Sidewinder 4 2011-11-03 20:47:15
tgoyetteI've read some stories of post reality where the consciousness of people go on forever in a virtual reality. Because the norm is living forever it wasn't a big deal. Because it is virtual reality they can get a bit surreal. 2011-12-09 18:46:48
tgoyetteeven more so if you raise fruit flies 2011-12-19 20:52:57
Banshee46...THat made me laugh far, far harder than it really had any right. I just want you to know that :P2011-12-28 18:08:23
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