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GordonRowlinsonWho is the Quantum Muse woman?2012-02-04 16:37:45
GordonRowlinsonI have to ask. On the home page, there is a picture of a woman who appears to be the symbol of this site. Who is the Quantum Muse woman and what is the strange tatoo on her shoulder? 2012-02-04 16:39:48
tgoyetteThere is a long story behind that and If I tell you, they will find out and it will not be good for me. suffices to say that......2012-02-10 19:27:46
tgoyetteActually it is not all that exciting. She is call "The Quantum Babe." Why? Because Becky Gallant, the woman who created her decided that. She took and old image of a Greek demigod, a muse, and twisted her up some by adding the sun glasses and putting the tattoo on. It was a graphic she found somewhere and liked. Sorry there is nothing mystical about it. At one convention we went to Cindy Coulombe, Ray's wife, dressed up to match Ms. QM and drew attention to our cause.2012-02-10 19:35:13
AnonymousI also didn't know about that at first. So I figured to look upon online and got to know about academized.com reviews, where I was able to get lots of details. This info was helpful in all sorts and what not in finding who this Quantum woman was. 2019-02-22 02:49:29

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