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toginnhSource Code - the movie2011-04-08 20:33:35
toginnhSo I went to see Source code. The acting was great and the basic story line is a good one. I was entertained, but felt that will a little more effort it could have been great. At first it seemed like a simulation as he said, but the explanation the head doctor gave as to how it worked wasn't consistant through the movie. It changed based upon the need of the story line at that point, not the consistancy of the science. He end up stealing someone elses body. He's happy about it because he gets the girl, but when he shows up to work as a school teacher without any training, what's going to happen then. We also don't get to know the villian's motivation other than being clinically insane, maybe. There are a number of things unexplained, but it was still enjoyable, there is enough action and evnts to keep most anyone entertained. Has anyone else seen it?2011-04-08 20:52:31

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