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What others have said about us and Quantum Musings

Source: sffworld.com
Author: Neil Cladingboel
Published on: August 17th, 2001

"The reader is treated to a wonderful collection of original tales, interspersed with their author's insightful thoughts on writing, the Internet, and the world. While the writers' styles are similar, and definitely compliment each other, there is nothing at all to suggest that they were reading over each other's shoulders as the stories were constructed. All are refreshing and original, in both their content and conclusions, many of which tease the reader with their unexpected twists." Read More...

Source: Fantastica Daily
Author: Eva Wojcik-Obert
Published on: July 27th, 2001

"Quantum Musings is short story collection for all you leftward-leaning liberals out there celebrating freedom of expression in cyberspace -- hey, even if you tilt the other way, we'll still let you read about the modern and not-so-modern warriors, wizards, and wishmakers scrambling through the pages. Yes this is that book those folks over at Quantum Muse are hawking, and it ain't half-bad. Michael Gallant, Raymond M. Coulombe, and Timothy O Goyette are working hard to reach the top of their forms in these easy-listening pieces you might overhear in a bar or restaurant or at a friendly get together." Read More...

Source: SF Site
Author: Lisa DuMond
Published on: June 16th, 2001

"When's the last time you just had a really good time reading a book? Have you ever finished an anthology and thought, "I'd really like to hang out with those guys!"? If it's been far too long -- for instance, if your answer was something like never -- you're long overdue for a treat. Fortunately, if you're in the mood for a bit of fun, this is just what you need." Read More...

Source: The Eternal Night
Author: Steve & Lesley Mazey
Published on: May, 2001

"What we have here is a mixed collection of SF, Fantasy and Alternative short stories with some of the editorials from the Quantum Muse site thrown in as a bonus. And the stories are of considerable interest. We have 15 tales that exhibit real freshness and originality, stories that do not necessarily conform to some of the typical best-seller ideas but are a genuine joy to read. Even when dealing with fantasy settings the stories manage to portay more than enough richness to allow you access to the world, proving that there is a place for short fantasy tales just as there is for epic series." Read More...

Source: SFBook.com
Author: Thomas Christensen
Published on: May, 2001

"The writers/editors freely admits that they created Quantum Muse, as a way of getting their writings published, after having failed at the extremely limited traditional magazine marked. As they explain in one of the essays, this doesn't mean that they are bad writers, just that they don't write the kind of stories that editors think will sell." ... "There's a freshness to their stories that you seldom will find in other collections, with more tried authors." Read More...

Source: Suite 101
Author: Rickey R. Mallory
Published on: May 30, 2001
Title: Quantum Muse Amuses

"QM editors have excellent taste, are good editors, and by the way they're good writers too. And they handle their site well, kudos to the webmistress. Each section of fiction is headed by the issue date, which is something I really like to see. It helps to know that the stories actually change, unlike on some sites." Read More...

Source: Nuketown
Author: Kenneth Newquist
Published on: December, 1999
Title: Quantum Muse inspires a mixed bag of short fiction

"Quantum Muse is one of my favorite webzines, it's definitely a 4 star zine. The layout is consistent, its easy to move around, and - most importantly -- its editors have a great attitude. They strike me as the kind of folks I'd like to go down to a bar with and debate a story like 'Waiting for the Reaper' with." Read More...

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