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Transdimensional Blues
by Raymond M. Coulombe

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Trans D Cover
Ray would like to thank Dan Roberge
for his creation of
TransD's cover art!

Well, it's finally happened. One of us just had to go and publish a dead tree version of his stories.

Actually, we're quite thrilled! Get the dead tree versions here or order the e-book version now direct from Quantum Muse for only $3.00!

| Read an Excerpt | Read a Review | Order Your Book |

Here is an excerpt from the book:

            Shimmering waves rose in my vision, like heat off a California blacktop. It wasn't heat that caused the waver. The air was not wavering: reality was. Well, not reality, just my place in it. It happened again.

            The street morphed. Reality twisted before my eyes. First a flower shop, then a bookstore, a pet store, office space, warehouses? Now back to storefronts but with a difference. The matrix took me far afield. In front of me was Dan and Dave's All Night Trauma Stand and Cut Rate Surgery. I hoped this reality was not one of the long-lasting ones.

            I'm afraid it was. The Trauma Stand did not waver, but I did: nausea, headache. The ground reached up and grabbed me, pulling me face first into the pavement: not a good beginning. Darkness.

Here is some shameless pandering - but we swear it's all true!

"Raymond M Coulombe's debut novel, Transdimensional Blues, firmly establishes him as an emerging power in the Sci-Fi genre. Written with a skill seldom seen in a first novel, it is a captivating read. Well defined characters, vivid prose, and clear, believable dialogue draw us into the narrative, and never let us go.

"In a field where imitation is the norm, Coulombe manages to avoid the pitfalls of stereotypical characters, techno-babble and tired plot devices. Dimensional travel hasn't been this much fun since Roger Zelazny's Amber series.

"Keep an eye on Raymond M Coulombe. You'll see quality work for a long time to come. For now, pick up a copy of Transdimensional Blues and get ready for a wild ride." - Michael Gallant, editor of Quantum Muse

You can order your copy of Transdimensional Blues from any of these locations:

NEW! Order the e-book version now direct from Quantum Muse for only $3.00!

Dead tree versions available at these fine on-line establishments:

| Xlibris | Amazon.com - Hardcover , Paperback |
| Barnes & Noble - Hardcover , Paperback |

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